HOW ACUPRESSURE WORK. Acupressure or Sujok, your health wellness depends on. The balance of five elements and flow of chi (Qi, energy) in your body. This chi travel along invisible pathways called meridians.
Chi is believed to help keep your body in balance and boost its natural ability to heal itself. A blocked chi or disturbed flow of chi can negatively impact physical and emotional health.

what is acupressure


The five elements theory is a universal framework that organizes all natural phenomena into five groups that represent relationships in nature.

The basic five elements are wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Every individual is blended to be healthy, they need to be balanced.


People ate using Acupressure since ancient time because it’s one of the best remedies that help to treat a variety of sinus problems, Acupressure is said to have some advantages over antihistamines and help in providing treatments without surgery as well, acupressure is considered a permanent treatment for sinus allergy and sinus congestion.

In general, acupressure is believed to provide relief by stimulating the nervous system and causing the release of neurochemical messenger molecules.

In short, acupressure treats chronic and acute sinusitis by balancing the chi. Improving blood flow, relaxing the muscles, and draining the mucus from the sinuses.
There is a large number of studies and evidence stating that acupressure is an effective and harmless treatment for sinus issues, acupressure may help to provide relief for patients with sinusitis.
* Boosting endorphins and neuropeptide y levels.
*promoting the release of vascular and immunomodulatory facts to reduce swelling and inflammation,
Most sinusitis patients experience immediate relief after a session of acupressure so it’s considered the best surgery alternative to heal sinusitis.


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Some acupressure points for sinus issues.
Here I am sharing some acupressure/ sujok points for sinus which you can apply on your own and get the same amount of relief.

Governing vessel 24.5 ( third eye, gv 24)

Location. This point ( gv24.5) is located in the middle of your two eyebrows. This is the frequently used pressure point when it comes to sinusitis, frontal headache, sinus pressure, stress etc.
Stimulate this point with your index finger and thumb for 2 minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise.

2. Urinary Bladder 2 ( UB 2)
Urinary Bladder 2 ( UB 2)

Location. Between the bridge of your nose and the inner side of your upper eyelid.
This is one of the very effective pressure points for sinus pressure or pain,
Placed the index finger and thumb above the bridge of the nose and Stimulate this point for 60 seconds.

HOW ACUPRESSURE WORK  Li. 20 ( large Intestine 20 ) Large Intestine 20 ( li 20 )
This is a very good point for Relief of sinus pressure and blocked and runny nose.
Location. Li 20 found on the face, on both sides of the base of your nose, ( 0.5 can to the side of the groove of the nostril)
Place one finger on your face at either side of your nostrils and press 100 times.
Large intestine 4 ( li 4 )

This is a very good point for all facial and sinus problems. Location. Li 4 is the back of your hands, the points are about a half inch from the crease between your thumb and hand, stimulate this point on both sides for 2 minutes. Note. Stimulate all points 4 times a day daily. I Hope you know HOW ACUPRESSURE WORK. If you find acupuncturist near me. Free to call us

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